Mobile, Web, Software, Cloud, Security, Cross Platform, Desktop, Design, Game.

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Mobility For Enterprise

Applications for your employees and customers. From complex
enterprise-level financial information to internal staff workflows.

App Efficiency

Carefully thought designs, efficient and responsive solutions, that work seamlessly with data to present information simply.


Enabling routine workflows go quickly, slashing staff training time, helping users better understand data and application.


Responsive apps utilizing the best in Core Animation and Open GL to Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) and MBOs.


Cloud Infrastructures

Utilizing RoR (Ruby on Rails), PHP, Node.js and Python. Whether platforms such as Hadoop, Map Reduce, HDFS, we have a solution.

Applications to cloud

Deploying applications to the cloud via
node.js, PHP, Python, websockets.

Scalable solutions

Backends for mobile aapplications and video
streaming capacities.

All You Want From An Interface

Core understanding of the principles and elements of design in delivery of
quality UI, with a solid user-centric experience.

Vital actions

Designing UI functions that show vital actions
have actually led to the expected

AJAX power

The use of best AJAX practices to bring the
highest level of responsiveness.

Cross Platform

Creating a uniform and consistent experience across all user interactions with your product on all existing platforms.

Unique solutions

No cookie cutter patchwork to your product, you are different, and your vision requires customized solutions from scratch.

FOCii team pro’s

Skilled, talented, and experienced UX strategists, UI designers and developers all collaborating hand in hand.

Launch into mobile space

Let us unify your brand vision across web, mobile, desktop, and social network platforms.

Seamlessly working

The focus is that your product will work well and perfectly across diverse platforms, environments and contexts.

FOCii Studies

Attention to tiny detail is hook line and sinker to getting business. Browse
and view some of our studies at FOCii.

App Design &…

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The Game Process

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Fine Web Trends

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